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As Britain moves towards a cashless society, make sure you don’t fall behind. Go Savings will help you set up a merchant account that will stand you in good stead for what the future brings.

It’s simple: if you want your business to succeed, you CANNOT rely purely on cash and cheques. Card payments are becoming increasingly common, so all you are doing if you fail to adapt, is turning customers away! You’ll need a merchant account to start accepting debit and credit card payments, and this is something we can help you to set up.

Our business merchant services give you a choice from all UK merchant services providers.

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Adapting to an increasingly cash-wary society

Let us help you choose a merchant account provider that cares about your business needs.

How does accepting card payments help your business?

It makes life easier!

Your customers will prefer it. You won’t have the constant need to check banknotes for authenticity, and everything happens in one seamless transaction, especially if you have contactless.


What types of merchant accounts are there?

Aggregate Merchant Accounts

Great for small businesses. Your payment facilitator will act as a middleman between your company and the bank, taking a small cut as payment in the process.

We can help you providing the best energy deal for your business.

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Let's Get You The Best Price

Let's Get You The Best Price

Let's Get You The Best Price